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Moin, and welcome to my page

some notes about me:
Name: Tobias Seiler
Birthday: 11-Feb-1976
Employer: I'm working as an IT expert and administrator at a big business school in Hannover.
Hobbies: Me singing I'm a singer in a gospel choir since April or May 2000. I'm singing tenor voice as you might have recognized from the background sound.
The "choirs" name is "Sister T. and the S.P.A. Gospel Unit" and I have some solo parts in our current show. Have a look at our homepage Although the site is in german.
If you want to see us, have a look at this site for the show dates.

Thats me again performing in front of about 20000 people at the "Swinging Hannover" Jazz festival in May 2009.
Music: I love music and I listen to almost every type of music. Favourites are Soul and Gospel but also Rock and Classics like Beethoven and Handel. What I don't like very much is the current german 'folk' music and what we call 'Deutscher Schlager'.
My favourite Gospel Artist is Fred Hammond. You may visit his website at . My favourite Rock band is Queen.
Projects: Currently I'm toying around with AVR microcontrollers. I've started some small projects utilizing such MCU's but nothing's ready yet for publication.
Email address: tobi(at)themaster(dot)de

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